Children's health

Jenny, Ascot

"Judy has been a constant source of support in my daughter's health and wellbeing over the last few years! She started going to Judy for appointments aged five to help with a sluggish digestive system, and a weakness to her eye muscles. Today aged ten with Judy's guidance and incredible knowledge as a homeopath we have a vibrant healthy daughter and have avoided any medical intervention with regards to her eye health! Judy has many strings to her bow and can offer allergy testing, cranial sacral therapy, Bach flower remedies alongside her extensive knowledge of homeopathy! And the best bit - my daughter absolutely loves going to see Judy and really looks forward to appointments!".


Suzie, Cookham

"I took my 1 year old daughter to see Judy as she was starting to get eczema. It wasn't causing her any problems but I was told that homeopathy can be very effective so I am glad I went to see Judy as it really did make a difference. One day it was all over the trunk of her body and the next day it was completely gone. She explained clearly what I was doing wrong (I was self-administering homeopathic remedies on my daughter), and really helped me to sort it out. Since then she has only had one re-occurrence (in the last 6 months) and the remedies worked well again. I would definitely go back to Judy and would highly recommend her. She is a great homeopath and is extremely considerate and caring of her clients." 


Teresa Maidenhead

"Thank you for helping my parents with Homeopathy. My mum is now sleeping a lot better and the itchy skin is more bearable although I know we need to work on this a bit more. My father is also a lot better with his painful eye condition and actually looks forward to taking his little white pills! He is also a lot calmer and happier than he was, this is great news as they are both in their 80's. Thank you for all your patience and kindness and always being available over the phone." 

Emotional support

Betty, London

"I have found that the treatment with Judy has helped me a lot. She is an extremely professional and caring person in whom I have every confidence in recommending the right solutions for me. I'd happily recommend her to anyone."