First Appointment

A first visit takes into account all aspects of the presenting case. This will include your physical symptoms as well as how you feel emotionally. It normally lasts between one hour and ninety minutes. 

Information is collected on medical history, family history, sleep patterns, food preferences and interests. 

Note 'History' forms are downloadable at the bottom of the homepage   

Rough dates of events in your life are identified so that a timeline can be created to track back to when imbalances originated.

This builds a complete picture of you so that the correct remedy can be identified through matching to past and present physical and emotional symptoms. By listening carefully, an understanding is achieved of the many different aspects of your personality and state of health. Disease symptoms, pain sensations, emotional reactions and dreams are all relevant, as well as how you move your body and how you react to stress. The better the understanding of your nature, the easier it is to identify the correct remedy.

Follow ups 

The second consultation is equally important to assess remedy action and decide the correct next step in the process, whether to stay with the same remedy or move to different remedies and/ or potencies (strengths). This lasts up to an hour. Each subsequent consultation will re-assess all changes/ improvements and adjust the prescription accordingly. Improvements can happen relatively quickly in how people feel or with some chronic conditions take longer.